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The use of social media has increased at a rapid rate in Dubai and the other GCC countries. With the majority of social media users being in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. These users more frequently use smartphones over laptops to access social media. The average social media user in the UAE spends an average of 2.56 hours a day on social media. With the data speaking for itself, a correct approach to managing social media and posting the right kind of content is more important than ever before. For all your Public Relations Agency and Social Media Agency need in Dubai, POP Communications can help you with this.


POP Communications helps you understand which platforms are working for you. Where you can improve and the kind of content that would boost your social media engagement. POP Communications is a Social Media Agency based in Dubai that will create the best campaign tailored to you based on your data. This will help you get an edge over the competitors. POP Communications is an established Public Relations Agency that also supports your marketing plans. It is important that the brand is uniform across print, online and even on social media.


POP Communications is a Social Media Agency based in Dubai that helps you tell your brand story. The story that you tell the consumers is very important. Many businesses underestimate the effect and influence of a good brand story. As a Public Relations and Social Media Agency based in Dubai POP Communications helps you tell your brand story in a way that resonates with your audience.


A good brand story is one that helps consumers identify with your message and the company’s values. The alignment of the brands values and consumers believes are the key ingredients to gaining loyal consumers and a cult-like following. This is why it is always important to have a brand story that people connect with. Loyal consumers will talk about their experience with their friends and family. Word of mouth is one of the most effective strategies in real life but it is more effective on social media. Friends tag each other on social media platforms under food posts for restaurant suggestions. This is also known as e-word of mouth. Social media influencers are established authority figures. Their opinion is trusted by their followers. With a simple post or tag on social media, these influencers can help your brand be seen by thousands and sometimes even millions of people. That is why hiring POP Communications, a Public Relations Agency, to focus on providing a 360-degree service is important.